Bring it on!


At some point in our lives, we need to exude a great amount of strength so that we can move forward and there are times that being strong is not enough. A person must be bold enough to go through something that scares him. Such person must have enough strength and courage to start doing the thing that scares him, and enough boldness to continue doing the thing that scares him.


Remember that feeling when you first went out of your comfort zone? So scary, right? But you can’t dent the fact that the euphoria that you felt after you went out of your comfort zone is just so damn addicting. I mean, it is definitely scary at first, but it was fun in the end, right? 🙂 That’s how you can tell yourself that your were bold enough to do something  beyond your expectations. That’s the time you can finally tell yourself that you put a grain of boldness in something that you did.


Wouldn’t it be nice if we wear our hearts in our sleeves every now and then? I think it will be better if pursue our dreams that actually scares us, because that’s when we will actually transform. Look at it this way, if your dream is big enough to scare you, and you actually pursue it, you will see yourself transform to a better version (of yourself, of course!) 🙂 So yes, it is never too early, not too late, to be bold. Also, it will never be too early, nor too late, to be bold and courageous in our choices. 🙂


I am making this blog post because two months from now, I will be facing the two of the most difficult (and hopefully last) semesters of my life as a student. I am scared. I mean, I am really really really scared. But a part of me is actually excited on what is yet to come two months from now, because I know I’ll be facing new challenges. The fear, thrill, and troubles that school caused to me is really indescribable and inexplicable. I can’t deny that my life changed on so many levels, and with that, I saw myself change. In everything that I do, I put a grain of boldness in it (just like what the picture above says. Haha). On to the next adventure I go! 🙂


So how about you? When was the last time you felt so strong and bold? When was the last time you felt so powerful? C’mon! Share your stories! 🙂

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