Hey there! As I said in my previous post, I’m currently trying out this new mobile application that helps you earn little by little, and all you have to do is to unlock the homescreen of your phone. So, this is what I experienced so far…


PeraSwipe and its beauty

Name of the mobile application is Peraswipe. This app is readily available in your Google Play Store (so yeah, it’s for Android Users only!). One thing that I liked in Peraswipe is that the user interface of this app is very user-friendly. I personally think the developers of this app put extra effort in making and maintaining this app to be dummy-proof. Haha. 🙂

Another thing that I liked about it is that the app will not take up so much of your phone’s memory, and it does not require high level of battery usage. Sure, it takes up space in your phone’s memory, and it uses power from your phone battery, but not that much to the point it will cause lag to your phone.

So this is the homepage of the app


This is how your homescreen will look like once the app is switched on.

Do not forget to:

  1. Swipe LEFT if you want to unlock your phone and proceed with using your phone normally
  2. Swipe RIGHT if you want to go to the website of the ad placed in your homescreen

Now that you know the basics, let’s try if the app actually works as per the developer’s promised cellphone load rewards.



IT WORKS!! Yay!! I tried redeeming Php10.00 first, and I received it immediately!


I recommend this app to the following:

    • Reason: for every swipe you make, you are entitled to receive 1 point (per swipe) or 3 points (per swipe), depending on the ad placed on your homescreen, you need an internet connection so that the points you will earn will be recorded to our PeraSwipe account. If you swipe WITHOUT THE INTERNET CONNECTION, chances are you will not receive the points you’re supposed to earn for the ad placed in your homescreen.
  2. Those who do not mind putting extra effort to unlock their phones
    • Reason: This is because you need to swipe two times (rather the typical/usual one-time swipe) to unlock your phone.
  3. Those who do not mind having an ad in the homescreen of their phone
    • Reason: Once activated, ads will DEFINITELY show in you phone’s homescreen.


Got questions? Here are some links that may help you:

Facebook Page:
Google Play Store Link:


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