My life lately (July 2018)

Hey there! It’s been a while since I made my last blog post. Haha. I have been sitting all day because I am too lazy to get out of our house. Haha. I would love to go out some more (with my friends or with my family), but I am currently under the weather and maybe taking a nap is better than going out. Haha. I have been told to out some more so that I can finally meet my future significant other, but I told them that there are numerous online dating sites out there that I use if ever I would want to meet other people. Haha. Who said signing up for a dating site is not a good idea? Haha. Anyone can always try to do something new (but still take all the necessary precautions before doing so). I have met a lot of people who are now in a successful relationship with one of the people they met on dating sites and/or dating apps. I used to be a non-believer of this kind of romance, but when I see happy couples who started out as mutual acquaintances in a certain dating site or dating app, I am now a believer that love can really find its way into your heart. Haha. (Fun fact: there are also nice suggestions and cool ideas for your date that you can find in some online dating sites. Haha. Yup! I made a little research about it.)

By the way, I am on school vacation and currently looking for a job before the semester begins. I have been utilizing some online job postings to look for a job because it is really pricey to go out everyday for job hunting. Haha. Thank God for the modern-day technology! It can help me get employed in the comfort of my own home. Haha. I have been looking for a job for over a month or so, and it really takes a great time for me to get hired, due to the fact that I opted to look for a job on possible employers that are near our home. Since, I will be going to school anytime soon, I think it is best for me to look for a job that will not make me lose my sanity just because I have to allot 1 or 2 hours to commute to work or to drive to our workplace. I do not have the luxury of time, nor can I waste it because I need to study for school and go to work at the same time. Time is precious, indeed. That’s why I have to research about the area of the possible workplace of my prospective employer(s). Haha. There will be too many things on my plate any time soon. Wish me luck guys!!

I am now on my last year of grad school, and I am about to graduate this school year (claiming it!). I may be on full focus on my school works (and probably with my potential part time job, if in case I can find one). I know this will be hard for me, but I can sense that I will learn so much in this type of set up. Haha. This will be stressful, I know! But I have been stressed all my life, so what’s new to that, right? Haha! Kidding! (…not).

As for my blogging life, I sort of feel like I am slowly transitioning from being a lifestyle blogger to a personal blogger. Haha. I feel like most of my posts are about my life or about how I see the things that are happening in my life. This is probably the reason why I do not really like to put my blogger self into a specific niche, not because I cannot commit, but because I know that my abilities as a blogger cannot be put in a box. But I can make adjustments here and there, if the situation requires me to be a full time blogger solely devoted to a specific niche. Haha. That will be hard, but I can try.

How about you? Have you ever used any type of online dating sites or dating apps? Do you have any advice to use who are thinking of trying it? We would really like to know it from those who are currently in a relationship with someone who they met in a dating site or dating app (or even those who used to be in a relationship with one)! 🙂

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