My life lately (09.01.2018)

So I have been inside our house for the past few weeks, and I think I kind of forget for it is like to be outside the house. Haha. I have been focused lately in de-cluttering my room and sort of throwing out some of my old stuff that I do not use anymore, along with the junks I used to have but I never knew that it still exist. My room is now clutter free! Yehey! It took me awhile to finish decluttering my room because I keep on getting distracted from all the memories that come with the things that I hoard. But I need to do the right thing and throw out all of the things that needs to be thrown, and to donate some of my stuff because there may be someone out there who actually needs those things that I do not actually use anymore. Haha. Talk about the perks (and disadvantages) of this so-called “adulting“, other than adult dating, of course. Haha. Do not get me wrong though, when I said adult dating, it should not be automatically considered as sex dating (if there is such a thing). Haha.

In terms of my life in school, the first semester of my supposed last year in school just started last week. I am to thrilled to be in school again, due to the fact that I know this will be my last year in school ever (or I claim that this is my last year in school ever, at the very least). I just hope that everything will fall in its right places and I will not screw up along the way so I can graduate this year. Haha. School is not my only priority as of today, though it is one of the most important things in my life right now. As I mentioned in my previous post, I am currently looking for a job that will help me earn money (and pay for my needs), and I have this blog to maintain (plus two other blogs). But the most important among my priorities is my mental and physical health. I have been neglecting my body lately, and I am living my life with a very poor lifestyle. I think I need to start exercising again, before it’s too late.

As for the job-hunting part, I mentioned in my last post that there is this one employer who wants to hire me. I was able to look at their work area, and I must say they have a really nice area. The only challenge for me is that the workplace is too far (I have to spend 2 hours worth of commuting through public transport just to get to their workplace from our house. So yeah, it’s that FAR). But the thing is, I like the type of work that I will be doing, and I think I kind of see myself working there anytime soon (if they hire me, of course). So I think I will say “yes” to them once they decided to hire me. I have two other employers (who I really really hope they will call me back) that I am waiting to process my application for employment. I really hope I will find a job soon!

Lately, I have been addicted to games that are considered as multiplayer online battle arena, or fondly called as MOBA (mnemonics), such as Mobile Legends (for mobile phone) and Defense of the Ancients (for PC). I never really considered myself as a gamer, but I think I loved the idea of playing this kind of games whenever I am stressed or whenever I think I need to unwind. It is really really exciting and challenging! I am not a pro in this type of games, so maybe it will take a while before I get used to this. One of the fun things in playing this kind of game is that I get a chance to learn the gaming lingo such as “GLHF” (which means “Good Luck Have Fun”), “GG” (which means “good game”), and “GGEZ” (which means “good game, easy”), to name a few. Maybe one day I will make a blog post about this, I cannot make one right now because I do not have enough confidence to let other people watch how I play. Haha. I am just a regular (noob) player. Haha. How about you? Do you play any online games like mobile legends and DOTA? What character/hero do you normally use? Any tips for a newbie gamer like me? (please be nice!) haha.

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