Hosted by: Nancy

Domain given to me by: Nancy (my host) through this.


Why “so-pretty.info”?

I like having cool but not corny or awkward domain names. I don’t want my domain names to sound weird that’s why I chose this. 🙂


What is the purpose of this blog?

This is will be my another space in the cyber space, so maybe this will be a place for me to tell my stories and air my rants and raves . 😉

Another purpose of this blog is to advertise! Therefore, this blog is open for advertiser and advertisements alike! 🙂

Lastly, this blog is made to give home for the other bloggers. I can host be your host!


How can we contact the owner of this blog?

If you want to advertise on this blog, or if you want me to host you, just send me an email at jen@so-pretty.info

Just send a message , and I’ll give you the important details that you want! 🙂



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