Item of the day: Suesh Shine Brow Liner

Why hello there! I have another product review, because I found another product that may help other girls (and boys) out there!! 🙂

I finally succumbed to the “eyebrows on fleek” wagon! I studied how to groom my eyebrows and I kept searching for good (and cheap) eyebrow products that will keep my eyebrows on point. 🙂 I tried using eyebrow gel and eyebrow pencil from several products, and this is the first time that I used powder for my eyebrows. I thought, all along, that gel and pencil is better than powder because eyebrow powders will get erased if in case I get really sweaty. But I was so wrong! Haha. So here’s one of the products that I found really effective (plus it is very easy to use!) and it is relatively cheaper than the other products that i’ve used (so far). 🙂

Brand Name: Suesh

Product Name: Shine Brow Liner

Price: PHP 550 (or US$ 12 – US$ 13)

Color(s): Black, brown, and grey. (YES! 3 colors it is!!)


  • Size: 5 stars out of 5 stars
    • It is very small and compact, even those who travels a lot can make their eyebrows look good while they travel. HAHA!
  • Usage: 5 stars out of 5 stars
    • It is very (very very) easy to apply and I like the idea that I can freely choose having either black, brown or gray eyebrows anytime I want! haha!!
  • Packaging: 5 out of 5 stars
    • It is very compact, hence, you can ring with you all the time. It can fit to small-medium hand bag or purses. Eyebrows on fleek 24/7!!


Why did I buy this product?

To be honest, I was so skeptical to shell out few PHPs for this product because I have not tried eyebrow powders before. When I was inside the store, I was having second thoughts in using eyebrow powders. But, I eventually gave in and bought this product. I bought this because I want to try eyebrow powders, for a change. Haha.


My experience:

Yesterday, I use the public transport to go to school. Despite the hot and humid weather, the immeasurable amount of sweat that my body produced, and the constant wiping off the sweat in my forehead using my hanky, my eyebrows are still on fleek! I went out yesterday at around 1 P.M. and I went back home at around 9 P.M., and I was so surprised that m eyebrows are not messy at all (to think that I am using a powder-type makeup). Yay! Thank God for this product. 🙂


Will I buy this again?




13647036_592270110953633_1106534327_o (1)


13588822_592270050953639_329389895_o (1)


With Camera Flash


Without camera flash

When applied:

13589115_592256380955006_1932017585_o (1)

#1 (Color: Brown)



#2 (Color: Gray)


13589283_592256364288341_1886932247_o (1)

#3 (Color: Black)



  • Long-lasting
  • Smudge-proof
  • Relatively cheaper than other brands
  • If you’re into powder-type eyeliner, you can use this as an eyeliner.
  • It has two brushes (!!!!)
  • Easy to apply



  • Not water-proof


So how about you? Do you groom your own eyebrows? What’s your favorite brand for your eyebrow make-up? 

NOTE: This is not a sponsored post. This product review was made by the owner of this blog out of her own volition. No one forced/paid/told her to make this product review. The product that you saw in this blog post was bought by the owner of this blog using her own money. 🙂

Places to go when you’re in Laguna, Philippines

I went on an (awesome) road trip sometime a year ago in some of the places in the Province of Laguna.  I went to the usual tourist destinations in Laguna, and I also discovered new ones too! I love it that Laguna now has a number of hotels, hostels, and resorts tourists can choose from. It’s not so hard anymore to look for a place to stay, especially since I can book online faster and easier using apps like Traveloka.


  1. Pagsanjan Falls (Pagsanjan, Laguna)

Photo source: Wikipedia

This is one of the classic tourist destinations here in Laguna. You can find Pagsanjan Falls within the boundaries of Cavinti, Laguna. I really love going here because I feel recharged after the trip. I’ve been going to this place since the time that they use wooden bancas (I think they use fiberglass at present).

Pro tip #1: I strongly suggest that you go there on a weekday and start your “adventure” early in the morning. You may want to find a good place for accommodation or a good place to spend the night (within the area, of course) if you think you don’t want to be on the road before dawn. Also, make sure that

Pro tip #2: Do not, in any way, throw your garbage/waste in the river or in the riverbank (or I any place not intended to be a dumpster). Again, DO NOT DESTROY THIS PLACE JUST BECAUSE YOU’RE TOO LAZY TO THROW YOUR GARBAGE/WASTES IN TRASH BINS.

Pro tip #3: Check the weather forecast before going here. Avoid going on a boat ride if the weather forecast suggests that there will be heavy rainfalls. The reason for that is that the turbulence of the water in the river might be too harsh for you if and when you’re on a boat ride during heavy rains.

Pro tip #4: Do not forget to bring extra clothes and zip locks! You’ll definitely need those things for obvious reasons.

Budget: Php 1500-2000

Travel Time: 2 hours away from Manila


  1. Splash Island (Binan, Laguna)

Photo source:

Looking for an awesome water park here in Southern Luzon? This is the right place for you! You can bring your family here, since this place is good for exciting get-togethers! Also, I’ve seen a lot of team-building events here since they also offer other recreational activities like Paintball and Team-building games.

Pro tip #1: After that tiring (but exciting) experience in Splash Island, there is this place called “Pacita Complex” where you can find awesome restaurants and your usual “lutong-bahay” (home-cooked meals). Pacita Complex is just few minutes drive from Splash Island. I strongly recommend this place for those who want to go for an awesome food trip after (or before) going to Splash Island.


  1. Nuvali (Sta. Rosa, Laguna)
Photo source:

Photo source:

Nuvali is a place not only for those who love shopping, but also those who love to try new things in a subtle ways. I love going to Nuvali because of its “close to nature” atmosphere. Once you’re here, do not confine yourself with the idea that the only things you can do here are shopping and eating. You can try biking (off-road biking is more exciting! I swear!!), or you can take the water taxi in their infamous man-made lake, or you can feed the Koi (Guys, feeding the Koi is relaxing and exciting at the same time)

Oh, I also discovered that they have a Bird and Wildlife Sanctuary! I was not able to visit the Bird and Wildlife Sanctuary because of the Outdoor Night Sky Cinema. Yes people, you can watch a movie outdoors under the stars!


Pro tip #1: For those who love shopping, there are tons of factory outlets here! So some products are relatively cheaper that those sold in your go-to shopping malls.

Pro tip #2: For your date nights, I encourage the couples to go to their Outdoor Movie Nights. Do not forget to bring your own pillows/blankets, just in case it might get chilly out there! Plus, you can have additional snuggle time with your cuddle-buddy!!

Pro tip #3: If you’re an adrenaline junkie, there is a wake park here where you can do wakeboarding. Do not forget to bring extra clothes, okay?


  1. UPLB Museum of National History (Los Banos, Laguna)
Photo Source:

Photo Source:

The first three destinations on my list requires physical stimulation and adrenaline, but if you’re in the mood for a better mental stimulation, or want to satisfy your hunger for knowledge, then, go to UPLB’s Museum of National History. You can find here a wide collection of more than 200,000 preserved Philippine animals, plants, cultures of microorganisms, and other biota.

I have to add this on my list because I love going to museums. I strongly recommend this place for those who want to learn more or discovery more of what our country has to offer in terms of its flora and fauna.


Pro tip #1: Do not forget to book your visit, especially if you’re going here in a large group.

Pro tip #2: Bring some paper and pen, so you can jot down pieces of information that you learned/discovered here.

Pro tip #3: Try walking around the campus of UPLB! They have a nice campus.



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The Need to Choose of Reliable Broker

If a broker supplies you with bonus money, and you’re looking to earn withdraws rater quickly, you should opt to one that will make you comfortable. There are 2 ways how you can invest for trading. First, you either need to locate your preferred broker from the next list, dependent on your geographical place, after which you just have to sign up and begin trading immediately.


On the other hand, if you have no time to find one in your place, you may opt for online version instead. But whichever option you choose, wisely select the binary options broker which you are likely to work with. Choosing the most appropriate binary options broker is essential, but don’t be distracted by things that you don’t need while deciding.


You will never know when you’re likely to should call on your broker to sort something out. It’s important to select your broker carefully. There are a number of Binary Option Brokers to pick from.


Choosing a reliable broker has an important role in making your career towards this field success. Thus, you must make sure the broker you choose to work with is dependable and efficient and has extensive knowledge in operating inside this market. If you prefer to compare binary option brokers you should think about a few vital things.


There are tons of brokers falling over themselves to have your business enterprise, the majority of which provide exciting bonuses. Most brokers offer you a wide variety of support choices, making it simple to get in touch with them if something goes wrong.


Most binary options brokers are situated offshore but good thing is that it is easier to get in touch with them as they have online platform customers can use and make their way to trading. Typically, brokers give the user a certain number of completely free trades. There are many binary options brokers around who are ready to aid you as a customer such as


In regards to binary alternatives, there are a lot of binary possibilities trading strategies you can trade from. With that, it isn’t difficult to invest for this particular field.


Binary options are a new means of trading that provide huge upside, while being very straightforward to comprehend and hence well suited for beginners. They have a high level of risk and you can lose your entire investment. Trading binary options involves elevated levels of danger. If you prefer to put money into binary alternatives, they’re the places to go. Given the all-or-nothing payout structure, binary choices are occasionally known as all-or-nothing alternatives or fixed-return alternatives. When you begin trading in binary alternatives, among the most vital decisions is in deciding on the right broker.


If you’re new to binary possibilities, we strongly advise setting up an account at least one of known sites available today. In this way, you can start your way in understanding how the trading of this field works and what are necessarily needed to avoid.

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AShop x Belkin Powerbank Giveaway

Ashop_Pokemon Official Poster
Pokemon Go has been around in the Philippines for quite some time. If you haven’t downloaded it, then we assume that you’re living under a rock cause every one currently looks like they want to be the very best! Imagine malls in the metro had thrown some lure parties, some telecommunication companies gave free data just for this and now, we all know that you are still not yet over with this Pokemon Craze that’s why we’re here to give you a chance to win Belkin Rockstar Powerbank 6600MHz all you have to do is CATCH POKEMON IN ASHOP STORES (Ayala Ave, Glorietta 3 and Eastwood.)
Have you caught a dab-ing Golbat? Or a sneaky Rattata? Then share it with us!


1. Snap a photo of a PokĂ©mon in Ashop stores (Ayala, Glorietta 3 or Eastwood). Share it on your Facebook and Instagram accounts with ASHOP’S LOCATION, use # ASHOPGO and TAG US.

2. Double or triple your chances by visiting 2-3 of our stores.

3. Submit as many entries as you wish. Note that multiple entries with the same pokemon counts as 1 entry

4. Following Ashop and Belkin on Facebook and Instagram is a plus point!
*Make sure to set your profile in public so we can see your entries. There will only be one (1) winner per branch. Deadline is till August 30 only. Announcement of winners will be on August 31.



About AShop
AShop is an Apple Premium Reseller currently with 3 branches in the Country. (Ayala Ave, Eastwood & Glorietta). We pride ourselves in being Knowledgeable and Dependable for your entire Apple needs and wants.

Ayala Branch M-F 9:00am – 7:00pm

Eastwood Branch:
Mall Hours 10:00am – 10:00pm Sunday – Thursday
10:00am – 11:00pm Friday – Saturday

Glorietta Branch: Mall Hours
10:00am – 9:00pm /

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