Fun February.

Hello there! :)



Our midterm exams week is finally over! YAAAAS! Haha. I’ve been studying day-in and day out since last month and I think my taste buds got tired of the taste of coffee. Haha. By the way, I promised myself not to drink coffee for one week, let’s see how it will go (or if I will survive). Haha.


Oh, so it’s February already! The so-called “love month” is here. Haha. On the 14th, the loved (and hated) Valentine’s Day will be “celebrated” (or dreaded). For those who may not know, Valentine’s Day is actually a commemoration for a martyr (St. Valentine) who kept on solemnizing marriages even after the then Emperor Claudius II banned all marriages and engagements in Rome. Apparently, Emperor Claudius II, or “Cruel Claudius”, had this idea that due to Roman men’s strong attachment to their wives and/or children, nobody wanted to join the Roman army. (If you want to know more, you can click here for more details). So, St. Valentine went against the iron-clad rule of an emperor to celebrate love by way of solemnizing marriages. :) I hope, with all my heart, that the essence of what St. Valentine fought for (very very very) long time ago will not be cheapened by the “commercialized” way of “celebrating” St. Valentine’s Day. But anyway, who am I to preach about love and Valentine’s Day? Haha. My February 14th is reserved for me to finish my backlogs and to catch up with whatever school work left unfinished. Haha. (oh and yes, I study on Sundays, that’s why I can’t make those mainstream “Sunday Currently” blog posts.) Haha.


One thing that I love in the month of February is that there are tons of heart patterns and/or heart-shaped things almost everywhere, and I love heart patterns and heart-shaped stuff! :) It is as if those the manufacturers (of whatever products) grabs the opportunity to attract heart-pattern-crazy consumers/buyers like me! Haha! Hooray for heart patterns! :) <3



Oh! We will be celebrating the Chinese New Year on the 8th! (another school holiday, yay!) From where I came from, Chinese New year is quite a big deal because a big fraction of the population of our country comprises of Chinese Nationals and Chinese citizens. Most of them are living in our country for the business that they own, and some are for vacation. So, to my dear readers, Kung Hei Fat Choi! :)

(I am born on the year of the sheep, will I be lucky this year, as per our feng shui experts? Haha)


So how did your first week of February go? Was it fun?

What are your plans on Valentine’s Day? :)


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The Big Difference Communications Supports Business Mirror in its 10th year


Now on its 10th year in business, Business Mirror is getting stronger with its bringing news to its readers and providing excellent information to them.


As it turns its 10th year, They opened the celebrations at House Manila in Remington Hotel with a whole night of surprises and fun for all the people that have supported them.


One of the attendees is the CEO of the Big Difference Communications Ms. Jennifer Catherine Bustamante Burwell who have supported Business Mirror tremendously because of their dedication in bringing great features and headline news that will benefit their Filipino readers.


As being a great contender in the Public Relations’ world, The Big Difference Communications handle Public Relations, crisis management, sponsorship management, and also marketing to leading companies of today such as Hattendo Philippines and Apag Marangle.


Owned and managed by Ms. Jennifer Catherine Bustamante Burwell, The Big Difference Communications brings a whole new level of Public Relations and Marketing to different brands with its one of a kind projects to its clients.


Congratulations to Business Mirror on its 10th year, and also to the Big Difference Communications for its utmost support to one of the Philippine’s best newspaper Business Mirror.  


For more information about Business Mirror and The Business Mirror you can check out their social networking sites respectively.

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GIRO DE PILIPINAS paving Filipinos can conquer cycling as a sport


Cycling is now becoming a good form of exercise with most Filipinos – especially those that are training for a triathlon or duathlon. And with this a huge surge of cycling events are now happening within the Philippines – with the first from Giro de Pilipinas.


3Q Sports Event Management with its partnership with 97.9 Home Radio, Aliw Broadcasting Corporation and the Lighthouse Marina Resort Giro de Pilipinas’ aim to make the Filipino a great contender for the international cycling circuit, they tested the Filipino cyclist’s energy, endurance and stamina with its one of a kind courses. .


Held last October 9-11 at the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority, the registrants – both local and international were given multi stages to conquer.


With huge show of support from over 550 individuals, 50 executive cycling teams nationwide and almost hundreds of participants all over the world including riders from from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Scotland, USA, China, New Zealand, Kenya, Germany, Korea, Dubai, Canada and Japan Giro De Pilipinas gave a new experience to all the participants with a new course to test them that also showcases scenic routes of Subic, Zambales and Bataan.


To help promote Cycling in general as a tool towards healthy living and to encourage everyone to get out and form a team, Giro De Pilipinas paved way in making this possible with also showcasing scenic routes of the Philippines.
To know more about Giro De Pilipinas, Check out their Facebook page for more updates.

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Stay with the Yachts at Subic Bay Yacht Club




One of the most known places to stay in Subic Bay is probably Subic Bay Yacht Club.

Just Located north west of Manila, Subic Bay Yacht Club over sees the Zambales Mountain Range in the east and the tranquil waters of Subic Bay that opens to the south China Sea on the west.

As one of its oldest and most renowned to all yacht owners who dock at Subic Bay – staying at the luxurious Subic Bay Yacht Club makes not just your yacht but you feel pampered. With its one of a kind service to its members, you would wish to be part of the members allowed to stay here.

It is indeed a perfect paradise with its safe harbor, elegant design and warm hospitality.

Experience us, Experience Subic Bay Yacht Club.

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