Collect signatures and organize documents across worksites

Whether you have thousands of contractors or a small team of construction employees, staying on top of multiple projects and piles of paperwork isn’t easy. Signeasy's electronic signature solution can help you achieve peak organization by centralizing documents for worksites in various locations, streamlining the signature collection process and eliminating the cumbersome paper trail.

Streamline projects with on-site signing

Juggling multiple worksites at the same time means dozens – if not hundreds – of workers, customers, and project managers in different locations. With Signeasy's eSignature solution, you can collect signatures on the spot using a phone or tablet with our in-person signing feature.
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Reduce operational bottlenecks

Save paper and printing costs by eliminating physical documents, and since everything is stored in the cloud, you won’t ever chase down a lost document again. You can also request signatures over email, ensuring that field professionals save costs on reduced visits to customer sites.

Collect signatures from workers near and far

From worksite visits to stakeholder meetings, construction professionals spend lots of time outside the office. With Signeasy's mobile app, you can take your paperwork with you wherever you go, whether you're on your smartphone or tablet. No more misplaced files or time wasted returning to the office to print.
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Focus on the work that matters

Say goodbye to printing, scanning, and faxing: with Signeasy, you can create a hyper-efficient paperwork ecosystem by centralizing your documents and making them available in a single location.

Use Cases

Construction firms and professionals can use electronic signatures
in a wide variety of instances such as

Client Agreements
Onboarding documents
Purchase orders
Subcontractor agreement

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