Make your business world bigger with electronic signature

eSign documents to increase the speed of your contracts with extremely enhanced security, wherever you are.

Why use electronic signatures

Electronic signatures: a legally binding and fully traceable way to eSign PDF and Word documents.

improve productivity

Get stuff done – and fast

Using an electronic signature software is the quickest way to sign and complete documents. Faster approvals mean faster payments, creating powerful momentum behind your business.
secure electronic signature

Choose security, legality, and reliability

Signeasy complies with the American ESIGN Act, the EU’s eIDAS regulation, and other electronic signature legislation, so you can always sign with peace of mind.
save money with electronic signature

Simplify your paperwork processes

An electronic signature solution can cut your multi-step paperwork processes down to a few simple clicks. Say goodbye to printers and scanners, and say hello to a streamlined digital workflow.
save money with electronic signature

Go paperless, save money

Electronic signatures leave more money in your pocket. By going paperless, Signeasy customers have collectively saved nearly $100 million and 18 million sheets of paper.

What are the uses of electronic signature solutions?

Close deals faster by taking the process online

No matter how you slice it, paperwork is time-consuming. Digitize your workflow with our templates and  electronic signature, free up your sales teams to do what they do best: close deals.
  • eSign a document, request signatures, follow up, and file paperwork under one roof.
  • Reduce turnaround times from days to minutes. 
  • In a single request, send multiple documents to multiple people.
  • In a single request, send multiple documents to multiple people.

Deliver an outstanding employee experience

From hire to retire, HR departments process a massive volume of paperwork. Save time and keep your document workflows simple with Signeasy.
  • Take all of your HR documents online - no need to print or scan.
  • Use our integrations with ATS solutions like Freshteam to sign and track documents digitally.
  • Simplify and streamline the employee experience with our G Suite, Microsoft Teams, Box Integrations.
electronic signature for Human resources

Get the job done faster than ever before

Admin teams, executive assistants, and operations teams deal with tons of paperwork every day. With Signeasy, they’ll get the job done in no time.
  • Send multiple documents out for signature or request multiple signatures at the same time.
  • Access and complete documents from anywhere on iOS or Android, desktop or phone .
  • Reduce your admin workload by issuing reminders in a single click and tracking all pending documents under one roof.
electronic signature for admin & operations

Breeze through legal and financial paperwork

With Signeasy, you can produce a legally binding electronic signature that meets global security and traceability standards.
  • Create Signatures that comply with the American ESIGN Act, the EU’s eIDAS, and other worldwide eSignature legislation.
  • Validate and secure your documents with SSL encryption and a digital audit trail.
  • Our iOS app uses biometric identification and embeds the data in the document audit trail.
esignature for finance & legal

Slash your paperwork costs instantly

Our eSignature solution can help you speed up the signing process for any type of document including PDF, reducing your paper-related costs by taking your workflows online.
  • Implement a simple, smooth, and error-free signing experience for all major document formats like PDF, Word, etc.
  • Anyone can complete documents from wherever they are via desktop, iOS, or Android.
  • Keep tabs on pending documents by tracking the status of incomplete paperwork and sending reminders with a single click.
electronic signature for business

Why choose Signeasy for your business eSignature needs?

esignature solution for SMBs

eSignature solution for SMBs

For SMBs with an eye towards efficiency, our eSignature solution is highly intuitive and easy to learn. Get started in minutes - there’s no complex setup required.
5 star customer service

Exceptional customer service

Signeasy is among the highest-rated eSignature apps on every leading review platform. Choose the solution that’s already been vetted by users just like you!
simple and transparent pricing

Simple, transparent pricing

Our eSignature solution pricing is straightforward and transparent, with various plans for SMBs to choose from. No hidden fees, extra costs, or unpleasant surprises.
esignature for mobile

We’re built for mobile

Signeasy is the first truly mobile electronic signature solution, and we’ve got over 7 million app installs to prove it. We’re also the top-rated eSignature app for iOS.
always looking out

Always looking for the next big thing

So what if we’ve got more than 130,000 customers? We’ll never let our success get in the way of further innovation. We’re just getting started.
integrate with your workflow

Integrates with your platforms

Signeasy works with what you’ve got. We have partner integrations with leading productivity tools like G Suite, Microsoft Teams, and Dropbox.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I create an electronic signature?

Learn how to create an electronic signature by simply choosing one of these options:

Draw your signature using your touchpad, mouse, or other tracking devices. You can also select the pen style or ink color of the signature. 
You can draw on mobile using a link sent to the email associated with your Signeasy account. 
Simply type your name and choose the font of your choice.
Upload your signature if you prefer your unique handwritten signature by uploading a PNG image from your computer or simply Dragging & Dropping it into the upload screen.

How do I create an electronic signature in Word?

To esign a word document follow these steps:
Log into your Signeasy account.
Click on the "Sign" button.
Click on the part of the document where you want to insert the signature.
Draw, type, or upload your signature image.
Hit the ‘Finish’ button.
View the final document with your unique and personalized signature.

Are electronic signatures legal in the UK?

Yes. Since the introduction of the Electronic Communications Act of 2000, electronic signatures have been legal, admissible, and enforceable in the UK. The Act was later replaced by eIDAS in July 2016 making the electronic document safe, legally compliant, and regulated.

Are electronic signatures legally acceptable?

Yes, electronic signatures are just as legally binding as wet ink. Signeasy is compliant with all major electronic signature laws and legislation, including eIDAS regulation in the EU and the ESIGN Act in the United States.

Are electronic signatures secure?

With Signeasy, electronically signed documents are 100% legally binding, and each one comes with an audit trail to prove its validity.
What are eSignatures used for?
No matter what you need to sign, electronic signatures can get the job done. Use Signeasy to complete contracts, forms, agreements, job offers, purchase orders, invoices, and so much more.

How do I sign a PDF document online?

All you need to do to Sign your PDF Document is import your file into your Signeasy account, then proceed to either sign it yourself or request an electronic signature from someone else.

Is there a difference between an electronic signature and a digital signature?

Yes. An electronic signature is simply a legally binding signature that is a digitized version of your handwritten signature, while a digital signature is a type of electronic signature that uses certificate-based IDs to verify a signature's validity.

Which document formats does Signeasy support?

Signeasy is compatible with most leading document types, including Word and PDF.

How do I sign documents in Signeasy?

To sign documents, simply log into your Signeasy account, import the document you need to sign, and add your signature using the "annotations" toolbar.

How can I create documents to send for signing?

Any document you create is a document you can easily send out for signature!