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Deliver hiring and onboarding documents from Freshworks' HRIS - Freshteam, and get eSignatures within minutes
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Why use Signeasy add-on for Freshteam

Make remote hiring a reality

From job offer management to employee onboarding, use Signeasy’s integration with Freshworks to send documents out for electronic signature.
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Flaunt your tech-savvy side

Save new hires the hassle of scanning, printing, and faxing their onboarding documents. Instead, give them the option to sign on mobile, web, or tablet.
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Get talent in through the door fast

Don’t miss the boat on top talent due to paperwork-related delays. Send offers directly from Freshworks’ Freshteam and get a signature within hours.

Meet Signeasy for Freshteam

Signeasy for Freshteam Offer Management

Request electronic signatures for job offers, employee agreements to the candidate’s personal email, and manage within Freshteam.

Signeasy for Freshteam Onboarding

Manage the employee onboarding process with paperless document signing for a seamless, modern experience.

Signeasy for Freshteam

Manage document signing workflows with Signeasy’s integrated Freshteam dashboard. Track signing and nudge directly through Freshteam.

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Manage documents and collect signatures with ease using Signeasy’s and Freshteam

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Signeasy integrates with Freshteam’s Onboarding and Offer Management module

Deliver a great candidate experience

With Freshworks’ HRIS Freshteam and Signeasy’s integration, deliver an amazing hiring experience

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Frequently asked questions

Can I use Signeasy’s free trial account with Freshteam?
This integration is only available for Premium users, including those who are on a Premium free trial.
How do I use Freshteam Onboarding with my existing Signeasy account?
Inside Freshteam, navigate to Settings > Productivity > Integrations. You can find Signeasy in the “productivity” category. Simply toggle to “enabled” to launch the integration, then sign in using your account.
Is it secure to sign documents using an electronic signature tool?
Yes it is. Signeasy complies with eSignature laws worldwide, including eIDAS and the ESIGN Act. Your digital signature is just as legally binding as wet ink and comes with a digital audit trail.