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Certainty may never be a given… But stability can be.

In the face of uncertainty, people need answers. Signeasy is ready to equip Human Resource departments looking to provide a reassuring level of stability for all employees: past, present and future.

Holding the key

As the liaison between hiring managers and talent, you can reduce the uncertainty felt by each side, with quick turnarounds and meaningful updates. Offers letters. Employment contracts. NDAs. With Signeasy, you won’t leave hiring managers or candidates wondering!

Uncertainty amplified

Nothing happens in a vacuum. One offer affects the ability to make another; budget for one role impacts that available for another. It’s uncertainty requiring nerves of steel… along with Signeasy’s ability to track the progress of each, and relay its status, with a single click.

It’s not all fun and games

HR departments face significant legal and compliance responsibilities: prompt, accurate and secure documentation are key. Eliminate overdue, incomplete or missing paperwork with Signeasy. It’s the peace of mind you deserve.

There for everybody, in every situation

Work, roles and the world are changing. Rapid shifts to remote work, and staffing realignments, fall on HR to navigate. Print-scan-fax was always a bottleneck but its impact has been compounded by volume and uncertainty. Ease the burden of transitioning employees to remote work or to another opportunity with Signeasy.

Expect the unexpected

Day-to-day uncertainties affect each of us; systemic uncertainties affect all of us. Adept management is what will help people see them not as daunting impasses, but as opportunities for new beginnings.

Use Cases

HR professionals can use Signeasy to get documents signed across different stages of the employment cycle, such as

Offer letters
Code of conduct
Leave approvals
Background check consent
Benefits enrollment
Organizational policies
Expense reimbursement

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