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All our recent releases that improve your eSignature experience on Signeasy.

January 2022

Delete declined documents

Users can now remove documents they have declined to sign from the Need Your Action and All Documents pages using the Delete button in the actions area.

Invite link

Administrators can now add new team members by sharing a direct invitation link in addition to sending invites by email.

December 2021

Introducing Signeasy for Salesforce

Signeasy for Salesforce is an app on the Salesforce AppExchange that enables sales teams to prepare, send, track and eSign contracts and agreements within Salesforce.

SendEnvelope GIF
  • Send envelopes with multiple agreements in any file format directly to your Salesforce contacts for eSignature
  • Set up templates for frequently used contracts and agreements
  • Automatically merge saved data from Salesforce objects to your contracts, invoices, agreements, etc.
  • Stay updated on opportunities and track status of all your agreements
  • Follow up and remind signers directly from Salesforce
  • Signed envelopes are automatically saved to the relevant opportunity, contact and other objects in Salesforce

Signeasy for Salesforce is available as an add-on for the Business plan.

Introducing reports

Reports help administrators get a high-level overview of the total volume of documents processed at the team level, as well as individualized usage stats. Every team member can analyze how their signature requests performed over a period of time, based on information like completion rate and average time to  completion. Team members can also view and download all pending signature requests. The report data can be filtered by time intervals (daily, weekly, monthly, etc) and can also be exported into a CSV file. Reports is available on the Business plan.

Edit signature on mobile

Mobile signers can now update their saved signature or initials while signing a document in addition to the existing option to edit signature from the settings page.

November 2021

Signeasy on Microsoft Teams Channels
Product Blog Dec 01

Users will be able to sign and send requests for signature from the Channels in MS Teams.

Transfer ownership of templates for Admins

When the Admin of a customer on the Business plan is changed, it will now be possible to transfer the ownership of templates form the old Admin to the new Admin.

October 2021

Signing envelopes on mobile apps
Product Blog Dec 04

Users will be able to sign envelopes comprising multiple documents on the mobile apps.

Improved document categorisation

Users will be able to view Pending documents in 2 buckets – Needs Your Action and Waiting For Others on the web application.

Reasons for Declining documents

Users will be able to view the reason why a recipient has Declined a document on the web application.

View Voided documents

Users will be able to view all Voided documents on the web application.

Invoices for customers on the Business plan

Admins will be able to access and download all invoices if they are on the Business plan.

September 2021

QR codes for templates on the web application
Product Blog Dec 02

Users will be able to use QR codes to share template links with a single signer from the web application.

Send for Signature with fields from Mobile

Users will be able to add fields and assign to specific recipients while initiating signature requests from the mobile apps.

August 2021

Two factor verification
Product Blog Dec 03

Customers can add an extra layer of security (passcode to mobile phones) to ensure that the intended recipient is the one accessing the documents to sign them.

June 2021

Contactless sharing of public templates
6 06 06 06

Users can share single signer, public sharable links can via a QR code on mobile, enabling truly contactless in-person signing experience.

API support for document preparation
product team blog 08

API customers can embed document preparation into their applications; addition of all fields is supported.

May 2021

Sign on all pages  on the Android app
new 02 02 02

Users can copy the signature and initials to all the page. With this update, the feature is present on all platforms – Web, iOS and Android.  

April 2021

Edit Signers in Send for Signature
new 04 04

Users can modify Name and Email address of signers after a signature request has been sent. This will help you take care of email typos and mistakes. Most importantly, you don’t have to start the send for signature workflow all over again.

CC-ed recipients displayed on Certificate

The Certificate will display the information of cc-ed recipients.  

March 2021

Session time-out
product team blog image 04

As a part of enhanced security measures, session time-out has been introduced. There is an option to stay logged in as well. Click here to know more.

February 2021

Strong Passwords
product team blog 06

As a part of enhanced security measures, passwords must satisfy strict rules. Click here to know more.

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