IT operations made simpler with Signeasy

Smoother functioning of IT operations with Signeasy

IT operations performance can be hampered due to excessive paperwork. This mandates the adoption of electronic signature to simplify the paperwork equation. That’s why 93% of IT leaders agree that managing documents digitally is important to a successful business.

Simplified asset tracking

Collecting signatures from employees and their other details for IT assets becomes simpler and remains digitized with eSignature. This helps IT teams keep a track of the assets in an organized way.

Faster approvals and sign-offs

IT Operations departments can request signatures from all stakeholders no matter where they are. Paperwork that would otherwise have taken days for approvals can now be approved in minutes. Faster approvals mean faster execution of orders and timely procurement.

Cut down the hassles

Electronic signature technology lets all stakeholders sign documents quickly and easily from anywhere, making it easier to partner with vendors for asset management and processing.
secure electronic signature

Stay compliant

With Signeasy's electronic signature solution, audit trails of all your paperwork are maintained so that you have evidentiary support for your IT policy documents and asset transfer authorizations.

Use Cases

IT operations can use electronic signatures to speed up
workflows for documents such as

Master service agreements
Production change authorization
Issue tickets
Asset retirement
Bugfix sign-offs
Vendor onboarding forms
Asset tracking
Asset transfer documents
Policy acknowledgments
Project Management

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