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Attorneys and legal professionals have a difficult relationship with paperwork. Making a switch to electronic signatures smoothens out this equation. That’s the reason 62% of the legal professionals report increased efficiency at work since they started using electronic signatures.

reduce paperwork

Streamline projects with on-site signing

Juggling multiple worksites at the same time means dozens – if not hundreds – of workers, customers, and project managers in different locations. With Signeasy, you can collect signatures on the spot using a phone or tablet with our in-person signing feature.

Reduce paperwork

Paralegals often spent too much time on printing out documents, chasing after signatures and then scanning and filing them away. With electronic signatures, the print-scan-sign cycle can be completely eliminated giving paralegals more time on other tasks.

Cut down the hassles for your clients

Get documents processed faster, letting clients sign documents from anywhere, anytime and from their preferred device. Electronic signatures keep the clients’ cases moving and makes paperwork less burdensome for them.
improve productivity

Increase efficiency

Store documents electronically and retrieve them whenever needed. No more worrying about paperwork when you can concentrate on more important tasks like research or briefings.
secure electronic signature

Stay compliant

Electronic signatures enable you to maintain audit trails of all your signed agreements and consent forms, and keeps your practice fraud-free. With a secure app like Signeasy, you can keep sensitive documents safe from accidental exposure.

Use Cases

Judiciary bodies can use electronic signatures to tackle
various kinds of documents such as

Retention Agreements
Power of Attorney Agreements
Engagement Letter
Shareholder Agreements
Asset Purchase Agreements
Board Consents
Confidentiality Agreements
Class Action Communications
M&A Agreements
Employment Contracts

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