Automate tasks between your apps

Trigger events in your favorite apps to happen automatically when a document is signed! Enabled by Zapier + Signeasy.

“Nice logos, but how does that help me?”

Glad you asked! We’ve made a list of ‘time consuming things people don’t want to have to remember to do’ and created Zaps to eliminate some of them:

The big announcement

Don’t leave any team members or stakeholders hanging, automatically tell them all: “Yay! It’s signed!”

Make a timely entrance

Prepare to circulate signed documents when they arrive, while ensuring they are shared during recipients’ business hours.

Always have a backup plan

Guarantee that every signed contract is automatically backed up in the cloud, just in case.

Connect to your final destination

Make certain that important contracts are never lost in transit enroute to your HR or CRM system.

Here are a few Zaps to get you started!

Would you like to see other Zaps?

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