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BAIXAR AUSLOGICS DISK DEFRAG PREFETCH - Tava pensando na possibilidade de ter vindo com o 8. Alguem ja conseguiu fazer funcionar? Jefferso Março. BAIXAR AUSLOGICS DISK DEFRAG PREFETCH - Samsung inicia as vendas da soundbar M no Brasil. Ou, fazer uma pergunta.. Moderadores deste fórum. BAIXAR AUSLOGICS DISK DEFRAG PREFETCH - Moderadores deste fórum dwatashi. Postado 31 de dezembro de Postado 2 de janeiro de Se tu utilizar o.

Nome: auslogics disk defrag prefetch
Sistemas operacionais: Android. Windows XP/7/10. iOS. MacOS.
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Como ganhar dinheiro montando computadores. Disabled Sync tools. Mas deve ser impostado no modo "M anual ". Para fazer um ponto de restauro clique aqui. Hi, can you guys download nvidia optimus gpu state viewer and see whats the nvidia gpu state. Some actions, which cause the dGPU to wake up and lock up the whole system for about 0,5 seconds are:. OK, installed Boost Speed. Nós nos movemos para o mesmo endereço. Telefonia telefonia - manualmente. Mas é muito leve. Coolrecep, Is there a way we can get some editors to write an article about this problem? My mistake with the word tired since i only got the laptop few months ago. Report adult content:. Alguem conseguiu resolver o problema no Wifi e do Leitor Prefettch no Linux? Laptop Skylake CPUs i. Samsung inicia as vendas da soundbar M no Brasil. Enfrente a barra de tarefas. Internet radio player download pc. We value all of your contributions.

BAIXAR AUSLOGICS DISK DEFRAG PREFETCH - Samsung inicia as vendas da soundbar M no Brasil. Ou, fazer uma pergunta.. Moderadores deste fórum. BAIXAR AUSLOGICS DISK DEFRAG PREFETCH - Moderadores deste fórum dwatashi. Postado 31 de dezembro de Postado 2 de janeiro de Se tu utilizar o. AUSLOGICS DISK DEFRAG PREFETCH BAIXAR - Mas estranho só agora ele ficar lento. O que esta acontecendo? Pode um driver de impressora para. Auslogics Disk Defrag é um programa desenvolvido por Auslogics Software. Acesse e veja mais informações, além de fazer o download e instalar o Auslogics. Auslogics Disk Defrag, download grátis. Auslogics Disk Defrag Consiga de volta a velocidade de um PC novo.

I'm skeptical about a fix but hopeful about a later update that will fix the problem. Who knows, maybe Microsoft will fix it with and force people to upgrade it if they want a solution. In my opinion this whole thread is like a petition.

I was thinking more of Consumer Protection Report, because we have bought a defective product. If I knew this problem will take this long to be repaired, in the 30 days Amazon has offered me to return the product, I would have returned it. I can understand one month, two months but this is beyond, they have sold and are selling a defective product and already it will get outdated. This solution might work. I also have TrayPwrD3 installed. Was able to play a couple of games of DOTA2 with none of the microstutter that plagued my laptop before.

Right click problem at desktop is also solved. Have you notice that they always make updates with Security patches? This is actually a security patch protecting us from hackers.

Let me explain:. A hacker will try to hack your computer but when he sees that your laptop freezes so much, he will think this an old pc and think this guy has no money to pay the ransom if he uses this computer. With the version the freezes were less, that was a security breech, imagine how easily your laptop could be hacked. The next updates fixed those issues with more freezes. This way the hacker will for sure leave you alone.

Is there a way we can get some editors to write an article about this problem? Like from PCWorld, etc?


I'll be in Germany next month for a product launch and I'll be able to see some tech platform members. Other than that, there was a list on the Microsoft thread.

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We can use that Twitter list to mention some people. But I believe they should have told about this problem way before We were honest with our readers.

And I tried everything, including many of the solutions listed in the article. No matter what I do, Chrome stutters in the URL bar, stutters switching between windows and loads slowly. Using Chromium as an alternative has restored the quick response time and performance I expect from Chrome. I can't tell you exactly why this is, but I have a clue: If you open the Chrome task manager, for me it was heavily using the cpu on various tabs doing nothing, as well as something called the "gpu process".

Chromium does not utilize the "gpu process" in the task manager. I believe this is related to our other existing issues with the gpu and is why Chromium works as it should. Yes, the gpu process is still there if you turn off hardware acceleration.

Yes, it still performs poorly with Nvidia Control panel set to discrete graphics only. I just tried Chromium and you are absolutely right that there is no lag at all, but the browser itself had its bugs and glitches. So instead, I installed Google Canary, and also doesn't have such lag without the bugs. I guess ill wait till april update. Most changes might come.

Tried newest driver from intel Yes, they are still working on the issue. Here is the latest status update:. They are aware of other freezing issues and are continuing to detect the root cause. Intel is working with Microsoft on the issue but Microsoft didn't give any information yet surprised?

At the moment it is still not determined who owns fixing the issue. But looking at the developements so far, rest of the issues are not resolvable by a graphics driver workaround or fix. So, again, it is highly possible that Microsoft owns fixing the rest of the issues. I just created an account after experiencing this problem with a Dell Had all the aforementioned issues.

I had to cave in and return it. Still waiting for my refund. One thing I noticed with the dell, is that the realtek drivers were the biggest issue. Coffie All laptops have this issue. Realtek drivers are a whole different story, they are not related to the GPU.

It is safe, because it uses G-Sync technology that directly connects your dgpu to the screen, so Nvidia Optimus is not available on that laptop, which will result in poor battery life. I had that laptop and returned it because I need better battery life, so dont expect more than 2 hours, even after tweaking.

But yeah, it doesnt stutter. I can also confirm that the Windows SCU build and the latest intel drivers don't help this issue as of today. Oh well, maybe we'll get a fix in October. Delay, delay, delay, delay, just as I said a month ago I don't have the emotional fortitude to care anymore.

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This will go on, ad infinitum. So Intel can thank Microsoft for losing business. I guess Microsoft is their biggest customer so it pays to protect them. It just stuns me that there are no reports on this. Wonder how much they get paid to keep quiet. Wanted to post a weird quick solution to this issue without disabling the dGPU or downloading additional software. When I tried this, I noticed when signing into the admin account that my screen flickers for my Dell and when logged in, no lag.

If you sign out and back into your regular account, the lag is still gone. If you try and restart the PC again and you were last signed in as the admin account, the screen doesn't flicker and lag is there. It's weird but there is something with being last signed into your regular user account and signing into the Built-In Admin account that fixes the lag at least for me on the latest Windows Insider AndrewArbour Wait.

This actually worked. OK, enough fun. I've checked your method. At first, it looks like a dream came true.

After logging off and then logging into my user account, this GPU state goes on for a while.

Battery freeze looks to be gone but it is still there like a ghost. Comes up to light sometimes. The question is this issue is present on windows 8. Laptop Skylake CPUs i. I guess it doesn't happen on macOS because, well, they're different systems and are built differently read: better. By doing that as a test, it should hopefully narrow down the main cause of it.

I just hope someone will fix it soon. Is there a way by tweaking the bios or installing a custom bios. I know it voids warranty and all but is there a way?

After the last update from Microsoft KB the one that fixes the right click , I have gained hope towards this issue. Yes, there isn't any explanation of the fix in the notes of KB but it fixed the issue partially; I am kind of likely to think that the upcoming Spring Creators update may fix the issue even though there isn't any explanation of the problem and the insider program didn't fix.

It does not fix the issue, sorry. For real.


Any major updates should be done through a clean install, because updating through the wizard will always f things up.

Also, are Intel deleting comments? I got a few messages on my email which I can't find here, when I click "reply to this message" it says "Not Found. Then we have to wait for its cumulative updates as the earliest solution.

Waiting for an update to fix this problem soon. I see Intel advertising new processors and they still can't fix this problem. Look at this new Dell core i9, wow what a brilliant machine, bla bla bla Do you have anything to contribute to this thread and problem?


Has anyone tried the Windows 10 Ltsb version it has the same issues? I have searched a bit more regarding Ltsb windows I m gonna give it a shot and post results since i have access to it. I will install them either way because ltsb doenst have the bloatware of windows such as store etc.

I ve read that it also improves gameplay with more fps. Lets hope that it fixes the issues and that optimus technology works ok. Can you please check in details if all the iasues are there?

Roght click on desktop, battery , chrome etc? The specified 'right click' is not there but many other things like:. Yes i have installed also ltsb. It has the freeze i think a bit more than other windows. Right click freeze is not there which is kinda strange.

The latest update which dix it was for and these windows are Hoqever in a strange way it feels faster to me because there are no additional windows services running and browsing file explorer is faster. So i will stick with this version since not even version will fix it.

Does this mean that the issue will be fixed with the latest update? Can anyonr test latest insider build? If we set the rules mannualy to tell which gpu to use , does this mean that nvidia optimus is not needed anymore? Everything will be done through windows settings? The latest version is worse than ever. Can you set the Gpu to an app or game like it is shown above? Check the image above. If you can , can you please test it and tell us if the freeze is gone when you manually set the app with a gpu?

Yes you can but this is not a solution. And thank you Microsoft for making things worse because as more and more people install , we will have more supporters here. I experience extreme lags. It seeems random the intensity of the issue. Theu probably dont knwo what they are doing. It could mean that right click fix was random as well, this is why it is not mentioned in the release log. Maybe we just have to deal with it that the issue wont be fixed or anytime soon.

Maybe then we will see a change? Only time will tell by the first week of the big release of Spring. So hello everyone im an owner of a msi gl62vr 7rfx and since november And what really is annoying is that no one in the business is talking about this, no reviewers, no youtubers, no press talk whaat? We are talking about tons and tons o money in products that dont work properly out of the box So from what i can tell and others too have proven it, all our problems are caused by DPC, mainly related to kernel stuff and somecases bad wifi or lan drivers too , but mainly in this machines the problem comes from nvidia driver.

I really hope too that all the important and known people in the business talk about this and share this stuff because its simply ridiculous it kinda make me think of apple instead that their community make alot more noise and they end up fixing their crap bugs within weeks But this stuff with cpu freq beeing messed up is also a reason for many people to having problems when playing games with these machines In the end we customers get f As for why windows keeps popping our nvidia cards when its not needed, well we can easly see that most games and apps nowadays use same stuff that games use so many time the system dont know what ur are using, when microsoft implemented this the should have thought of this the way that user defines what is a game and what is not giving control to the user to use the hardware he wants, and not the hardware the windows thinks you want I was looking for a workaround for quite sometime.

Eventually I gave up looking for a fix and was quite content with keeping TrayPwrD3 running in the background keeping dGPU idle and running.

Until I installed Auslogics and disabled unnecessary windows services last night and did some cleaning and defragment to my SSHD and I was suprised that the issue was finally gone. These was some of the tweaks I applied and do not know specifically which one is responsible with solving the problem:. So I conclude that maybe the freezing was related to phone or tablet pc components or some poorly tweaked parameters in windows manager related to timing and animation speed. I won't go on with details and installing this software is not needed.

But it did a realy good job even when it was by a mere luck. Can you tell us more details please? Can these components be disabled by Device manager and how? Normally i would say that there is no chance that auslogics could fix it but since this is a very strange issue maybe the solution is strange to.

I expect anything from Microsoft. Btw the posts here state that windows 8. I'll give it a try tomorrow but I'm really not that hopeful. I have this bug on Ivy Bridge. IMO, it is a Windows bug and affects more than a couple Intel processor generations.

A lot of similar but different bugs started showing up around impacting IO. One crazy example:.

I agree with the OP's classification of "Freeze" , but suspect many are living with this bug and may be using different language to describe it. The following is just for possible search alternatives. I agree, it's probably not exclusive to 6 and 7 gen. However, I've had these problems way before I think it was there from the beginning and is very much a problem with some core functionality inside Windows 10 which would require a lot of rewriting to get rid of..

Which sucks, because apparently they're not making new Windowses anymore. Just as I thought, I've wasted my time only. Does not fix anything at all There is a new Windows nearly every 6 months The thing is, they do not care about the issue yet:.

And BTW, Jason was the only person to respond to my tweets. We will probably contact him again by the end of the month, when Intel tells us that they do not own fixing the issue Intel drivers do not exist for windows 8. Driver ending got released. It's day now and still issue not fixed.

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Food and resources are running low. Send help ASAP. On the other hand, this driver has Vulkan v1. It does seem like neither MS, Nvidia nor Intel take this issue seriously. Like coolrecep said, I think we should wait until end of this month to see if they fix the issue. However, if this does not get fixed and we get no further information, I really think that we should do more than posting our complaints in this forum.

Maybe we can alert peolple out there who are experiencing these issue but just "live with it" that these companies do recognize the issue but fail to address it. Or we can try contacting some online tech media about this issue I dunno I am honestly getting sick of this and disappointed these comapnies' attitude toward this matter. Unless you are a partner of Microsoft they won't deal with your issue , at least not anytime soon. This is just business. If you are a partner especially a gold partner and issue a bug or something it will get fixed pretty fast, if you are just a consumer then you are out of luck.

You don't get premium support. The problem is that companies most of them won't baixar these laptops for their employees. Most of the laptops are gaming laptops with very high spces , therefore only the consumers can ask for this to be fixed. We can only wait until the supporters number gets bigger and bigger and eventually Microsoft will decide to put this issue in their plans.

I'll just "vote with my wallet. I agree maybe even start a petition and try and get a major computer magazine to mention it as bad press should get them to do something about it, especially if it cuts down their bottom line. We don't need a second petition I think.

Everyone needs to go to this thread and click on the "I have the same question button". And with the mass release of , we will have tons of more people coming as it makes things even worse. I have one question about this problem, I had my laptop for about 3 months and it ran everything beautifully and smoothly without the stutter. A few weeks ago it just randomly started to stutter and freeze.

It sounds like the same problem being described here, but I was wondering if it is possible for the problem to randomly start instead of it starting as soon as you use the computer, or if I acquired a completely different problem.

Guys we just have to realise and live with it. They dont plan to fix it and as soon we get used to it the better. I m just tired really , eventually one day we will receive an very small update that eventually fix this by random and enjoy our very expensive laptops for as long they last. I'm patient. And then we will talk with Microsoft.

During the RS5 Insider phase, we will get a fix, hopefully. My mistake with the word tired since i only got the laptop few months ago. How can we talk with Microsoft when they dont even bother answering their tweets?

They have about users with this problem, the got informed by intel and nvidia and still this issue is low priority.

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They have deadlines to deliver the next insider build maybe plans before hand and if this bug will delay them a lot , they cant get off track of their deadlines. I m not sure that a patch can fix this. When in battery saver i notice some stutter and in some cases low fps. I noticed this mostly with older games which are not demanding whereas battlefield 1 plays fine which is more demanding.

Installed some drivers from station-drivers today and just finished playing CS:Go. I feel like it's working flawlessly now. Using build for Windows 10 by the way. Btw regarding my previous post , when laptop is plugged in games work great. When in battery they stutter even low demanding games. I have Dell with ti. I think this may have to do with the fact that windows 10 ltsb have only battery save and plugged in plans whereas windows 10 had more cpu states.

Can anyone confirm this? Anyway to fix this? I remember in using battery saver there was a slider towrds better performance. Is just with windows games played smoothly on battery. I will try and fidle around with the power plan settings.

In my case it was euros. By not baixaring one person it wont make any change. The fact is that we bought a faulty product software wise and we are trapped. If we return it we cant baixar anything from this cpu series and nvidia.

Is it possible fixed pcs not laptops to have this issue? Theoritically it should if they jave optimus but practically there is no reason to not using dgpu all the time. That's normal and how it should work. Laptops throttle down when on battery. Has nothing to do with this post. You actually want it that way, because otherwise it will drain in less than an hour. The machine works perfect and the battery lasts about 5 hours, in internet navigation.

So I really don't know what to say if this is Microsoft's fault or intel's. I'd suggest to contact some bloggers and let them know about the situation and ask them to make a post with this. De même votre système d'exploitation Windows doit être programmé en mode update automatique et activé, de façon à pouvoir disposer des dernières mises à jour de failles critiques de sécurité.

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