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Comment by Naia — 11 fevereiro Comment by tunicoclps — 22 setembro Not Now. Comment by SuperOnan — 7 junho Responder. Accessibility Help. Join the program by sending your messages andrequests! Comment by Alex — 19 novembro Comment by bell — 16 novembro The result is a sculpture that, if one is allowed a bit of an overstatement, invents a new classical geometric figure. Back in Brazil, he settled in Belo Horizonte and began to work as a teacher: from to he. Por Marcelo Tuler e Arquitetura Livro. Qual o método de buralr o megaupload usados por vcs agora? Comment by Alexandre — 8 fevereiro Responder. Comment by Kingluu — 9 dezembro Comment by Kalacho — 16 julho Comment by joao victor — 12 dezembro Maisa cantando aquarela prog. Hagin Kevin J. Comment by BZA — 18 novembro

HundredX Virtual Router é um programa desenvolvido por Victor Tassinari. Acesse e veja mais informações, além de fazer o download e. Se você veio aqui para baixar um arquivo parabéns, você veio aqui né. O site é feito para pessoas que gostam muito de baixar arquivos. Essas pessoas podem . Procurando HundredX Virtual Router para download? Confira aqui download grátis de HundredX Virtual Router e outros programas de Outros. Windows; Tamanho: 67 KB. Fabricante: Victor Tassinari; Idioma: Inglês; Licença: Gratuito. Enviar SMS grátis na internet. Publicado em 23 de WCFHost · Victor Tassinari · Oi Torpedo · SBROBOUS · Torpedo Free · Torpedo Gratuito. Cursos; Translate. Tecnologias Vip Curiosidades SMS GRATIS - Testado e aprovado O site se chama Victor Tassinari Para passar o torpedo entre aqui.

In the physics of aesthetics, in the life-world where the work of art operates and produces change, they function as true topological mobilizers. In the sphere of formal imagination — usually underestimated but nearly all-powerful on an unconscious level, since it informs our thought — they establish a new geometrical nexus, in accordance with the uncanny clashes and malleable conjunctions that are proper to a contemporary interaction between self and world.

By breaking with the supposed ideality of the geometric entity, they. In this way, they keep the modern promise of emancipation, allowing us an uncertain, vibrant foray onto the surface of the real.


Beyond an obvious sign of the baroque, the fold is a plastic find combining the imponderable given with the exact calculation of sculpture, and reformulating the sensuous, empirical dilemma of making — that is, of making life human. Its cultured constructivism has never backed away an inch from the premises of an autonomous, nonmimetic art decisively committed to the project of constructing the real.

But this is done with a unique, somewhat unexpected lyricism, emphatically asserting a concept of art that refuses all ideological programs, whether edifying or rebellious. Its unconditional surrender to the voracious transforming energy of modern planar language soon settles on the eternal enigma of its initial moment — the impetus of the structural act.

With hindsight, it would be easy to trace the progressive relativization of the ideal unit of geometric solids followed by this experienced and impudent. By the Eighties he was already freeing one or more elements from the block of the sculpture, thus incorporating emptiness and widening the scope of action of the piece.

This process grew progressively until it reached its apex in a series of small but quite heavy pieces that are no more than the open contact between geometric solids. Here there are no morphological connections: everything is the result of the montage of discrete elements.

Since I saw them for the first time, ten years ago, I have felt sure that these sculptures are among the best ever produced by a Brazilian artist. The plastic concept of these works I have named — with an irreverence I hope will be excused — Mineiro Dadaism.

Although I have for years been following this austere adventure, which seems determined to flesh out the constructive planar aesthetics so as to imbue it with existential philosophical substance, my astonishment before these recent pieces by Castro is undiminished.

Partly it is the surprise of the heightened horizontality and lightness; but mostly it is because one immediately senses that these precise works, with their high degree of formal cohesion, are trajectories, involving more than one move in the execution of their single structural gesture, implying several stages in the solution of.


It occurred to me from the outset that I had never seen better examples of what Husserl called fusion of horizons. The fluency and calm with which this veteran artist literally oversteps the boundaries of regular geometric figures in order to investigate infinite relations between them are, to say the very least, disconcerting. On the virtual plane of the paper he will place, say, a circle and a square at various distances and heights.

Then he draws countless lines of contact from the diameter of the circle to the area of the square, and back. The result is a sculpture that, if one is allowed a bit of an overstatement, invents a new classical geometric figure. In any case, it achieves the feat of representing a certain open conjunction between square and circle. Is this a retrospective illusion or do we really manage to see the trace, or the halo, of the circle and the square in the indefinable form of the sculpture?

The unexpected torsion that joins contrary actions does not allow the eye to rest. And the strange ingenuity of a suspended drawing, as it were, has repercussions on these sculptures that seem to alight on the ground rather than sprout from it. This in no way detracts from their proverbial concreteness, but only inverts it. In short, we get a perfect pre-Socratic aphorism: two separate moments make up a whole unity.

And I have been discussing two moments only in function of the fold, the curve that ensures the mad continuity between unequal segments. Of course, one cannot break down the aesthetic perception of this wholeness. This we are trying to do a posteriori, with the perhaps redundant, perhaps extravagant critical.

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However, even adopting a frontal view, the situation is complicated. The dynamics of the initial movement we referred to above is in this way reinterpreted in complex terms. There is nothing simple about this first moment: it is already an articulation, a problematic structural core involving the interplay between inertia and impetus, distance and orientation. The insinuating way how his frankly horizontal sculptures extend themselves in the world, along it and across it, rehabilitates the malleable truth of geometry, its voluble dynamism.

Now, however, he has advanced beyond this, shaken off the last traces of the orthodoxy of the old discipline so that he can, with the utmost rigor, geometrize almost the way one breathes.

Fishing Between the feeling and the word there is a brooding spell. A silent spell. Poetry is charmed silence moved to word. It ponders. The line does not exist.

It obeys like a river conspiring with its banks. It is thought, thinking. And it thinks as it draws and divides and unveils justice mediated mediating opposite spaces: map of its destiny. I always search for a simple language but all I find are scattered letters — fossils of me. As if man, even persevering in the sensible. Sometimes, however, quick like a fish biting at bait a flash of lightning will imprint the finished form quite clearly. Freely given, the harvest and the source of fellowship.

After living in a number of small towns in Minas Gerais for short periods, Judge Amilcar Augusto de Castro later to become judge of the court of appeals , his wife Maria Nazareth Pereira de Castro and his children settled in Belo Horizonte in At the age of 21, Amilcar de Castro entered law school at the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, graduating in Ever since, Castro held a number of important public posts.

However, since a year before graduation he had been studying drawing and painting under Alberto da Veiga Guignard, and figurative sculpture under Franz Weissmann.

These studies continued up to the end of the decade, but in his work was chosen for the modern section of the 51st National Salon of Fine Arts, and in he won the bronze medal for drawing at the 52nd National Salon of Fine Arts with two drawings representing the city of Ouro Preto.

Amilcar de Castro, Centro de Arte Héilio Oiticica by Danowski Design - Issuu

In short, it may be said that it was the study of drawing that brought Castro to abstract sculpture, in spite of his training under Weissmann. In the. In his son Rodrigo was born; in the following year his daughter Ana Maria was born. The Biennial, an. From to , Castro directed the now famous revision of the graphic design of the Rio daily Jornal do Brasil and, in , of the magazines A Cigarra and O Cruzeiro, confirming his skill in the graphic arts. Castro also worked on the design of Manchete magazine and of many books published by Editora Vozes With his family — now including a third child Pedro, born in — he went to the United States in mid Back in Brazil, he settled in Belo Horizonte and began to work as a teacher: from to he.


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