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At some point in our lives, we need to exude a great amount of strength so that we can move forward and there are times that being strong is not enough. A person must be bold enough to go through something that scares him. Such person must have enough strength and courage to start doing the thing that scares him, and enough boldness to continue doing the thing that scares him.


Remember that feeling when you first went out of your comfort zone? So scary, right? But you can’t dent the fact that the euphoria that you felt after you went out of your comfort zone is just so damn addicting. I mean, it is definitely scary at first, but it was fun in the end, right? 🙂 That’s how you can tell yourself that your were bold enough to do something  beyond your expectations. That’s the time you can finally tell yourself that you put a grain of boldness in something that you did.


Wouldn’t it be nice if we wear our hearts in our sleeves every now and then? I think it will be better if pursue our dreams that actually scares us, because that’s when we will actually transform. Look at it this way, if your dream is big enough to scare you, and you actually pursue it, you will see yourself transform to a better version (of yourself, of course!) 🙂 So yes, it is never too early, not too late, to be bold. Also, it will never be too early, nor too late, to be bold and courageous in our choices. 🙂


I am making this blog post because two months from now, I will be facing the two of the most difficult (and hopefully last) semesters of my life as a student. I am scared. I mean, I am really really really scared. But a part of me is actually excited on what is yet to come two months from now, because I know I’ll be facing new challenges. The fear, thrill, and troubles that school caused to me is really indescribable and inexplicable. I can’t deny that my life changed on so many levels, and with that, I saw myself change. In everything that I do, I put a grain of boldness in it (just like what the picture above says. Haha). On to the next adventure I go! 🙂


So how about you? When was the last time you felt so strong and bold? When was the last time you felt so powerful? C’mon! Share your stories! 🙂

Fun February.

Hello there! 🙂



Our midterm exams week is finally over! YAAAAS! Haha. I’ve been studying day-in and day out since last month and I think my taste buds got tired of the taste of coffee. Haha. By the way, I promised myself not to drink coffee for one week, let’s see how it will go (or if I will survive). Haha.


Oh, so it’s February already! The so-called “love month” is here. Haha. On the 14th, the loved (and hated) Valentine’s Day will be “celebrated” (or dreaded). For those who may not know, Valentine’s Day is actually a commemoration for a martyr (St. Valentine) who kept on solemnizing marriages even after the then Emperor Claudius II banned all marriages and engagements in Rome. Apparently, Emperor Claudius II, or “Cruel Claudius”, had this idea that due to Roman men’s strong attachment to their wives and/or children, nobody wanted to join the Roman army. (If you want to know more, you can click here for more details). So, St. Valentine went against the iron-clad rule of an emperor to celebrate love by way of solemnizing marriages. 🙂 I hope, with all my heart, that the essence of what St. Valentine fought for (very very very) long time ago will not be cheapened by the “commercialized” way of “celebrating” St. Valentine’s Day. But anyway, who am I to preach about love and Valentine’s Day? Haha. My February 14th is reserved for me to finish my backlogs and to catch up with whatever school work left unfinished. Haha. (oh and yes, I study on Sundays, that’s why I can’t make those mainstream “Sunday Currently” blog posts.) Haha.


One thing that I love in the month of February is that there are tons of heart patterns and/or heart-shaped things almost everywhere, and I love heart patterns and heart-shaped stuff! 🙂 It is as if those the manufacturers (of whatever products) grabs the opportunity to attract heart-pattern-crazy consumers/buyers like me! Haha! Hooray for heart patterns! 🙂 <3



Oh! We will be celebrating the Chinese New Year on the 8th! (another school holiday, yay!) From where I came from, Chinese New year is quite a big deal because a big fraction of the population of our country comprises of Chinese Nationals and Chinese citizens. Most of them are living in our country for the business that they own, and some are for vacation. So, to my dear readers, Kung Hei Fat Choi! 🙂

(I am born on the year of the sheep, will I be lucky this year, as per our feng shui experts? Haha)


So how did your first week of February go? Was it fun?

What are your plans on Valentine’s Day? 🙂


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Feeling the difference

Woohoo! Finally! VACATION!

Our exam week is finally over and now, I can rest! Haha.

This semester has been a one crazy ride for me and I’ve had my series of ups and downs (again!). Haha. I can’t imagine how my tolerance level raised ever since I started school. I’ve been exposed to all sorts of stress, and here I am, still fighting. Haha.

As I read my old blog posts, I kept on laughing at myself as to how I used to rant about my day and how stressed I was back then. It is as if stress has been part of my life lately, and experiencing comfort and a little “donwtime” seems like a luxury for me. A luxury I could not afford most of the time.

Fast forward to the present, I learned to live my life, making sure that I will wake up the next morning with a purpose, and such purpose shall be fulfilled, even if it takes one whole day to do it. Haha. I keep on reminding myself that I have to be strong.


Anyway, since I am on vacation, I will probably detoxify my self from stress and bad vibes. So, I will probably read a good book or go to some other places that may interest me. Haha. I don’t know. 🙂


I will get back on you once I found my inner peace again. Haha. I need my inner peace, so I can face another semester in high spirits. 🙂

All for now!


So how about you? What do you usually do to de-stress? 

Share your answers, please? 🙂

Mati’s Meat and Bread

If you like steak but you’re in a tight budget, no need to fret as Mati’s Meat and Bread offers the beast value for steaks at affordable prices.

Opened in October 2014, Mati’s Meat and Bread is located it the new extension of Festival Mall which has a stunning view of the River Park. The restaurant is wall are made of clear glass giving it’s diners a view of lush green landscaping.

Catering towards yupies, millenials and families, Mati’s Meat and Bread is a perfect place to kick back and relax with a nice meal of premium dishes and steaks at affordable prices.

Steaks are the specialty of Mati’s Meat and Bread. They have different kinds of steaks that varies from burgers to Salpicao. There is a Certified Angus Ribeye Steak that can be “cooked table side” so you can control the doneness of it or the USDA Steak which is the best seller.

Aside from the steak, another favorite is the Balut Aligue. The balut or developed duck embryo is deshelled and served in buttery aligue served on a hot pan.


About Mati’s Meat and Bread.

Mati’s Meat and Bread owned by Paul and Caron Macasaet opened in October of 2014 and is names after their son Mateo. The restaurant is a subsidiary of Melo’s Steakhouse who pioneered Certified Angus Beef in the Philippines.

Mati’s Meat and Bread is set to open a branch in Bonifacio Global City Taguig before the end of 2015


So I was blessed with this awesome opportunity to try the delicious meals in Mati’s Meat and Bread, and I cannot deny that I had THE best time!

Before I tell you my experience, I will show you the pictures of the food that was served to us. However, I am not liable, nor responsible, be it directly or indirectly, to the hunger that you may feel after seeing the pictures. Haha. Here it goes! 🙂

Truffled Bone Marrow – Php 385.00

Papa’s Spicy Crispy Wings – Php 200.00


Balut Aligue – Php 195.00 (As seen in my IG account: @iamthegoddess)


Oyster Rockefeller – Php450


Tali’s Gamberetti – Php350

Salpicao Pizza – Php385

Tali’s Gamberetti – Php350

Camille’s Spinach & Arugula Bean Salad – Php195



Vince’s Chicken & Arugula Salad – Php225

Crispy Pork Belly with Kimchi & Nori Cream Cheese Spread – Php335

Truffle Pasta – Php398

Seafood Pasta – Php340

USDA Salpicao Rice – Php425

300g Certified Angus Ribeye – Php1,400

Choco Fudge – Php220

Jala Pestroli



Did I made you hungry? Haha. I swear the food here is yummy! Plus, the view from the inside is awesome, since you can see the man-made river park just beside the restaurant! 🙂

To whom do I recommend this?
I recommend this restaurant to those who are looking for a great dining experience at a very affordable price. Also, I recommend this to those who live in the southern part of Metro Manila and neighboring provinces. Lastly, for those who are looking for a very cozy place to eat and relax (and kill some time, even just for a while), this place is definitely for you!

Mati’s Meat and Bread

Unit B2, River Park, Festival Supermall, Filinvest Alabang, Muntinlupa City.

Telephone: +632 847-2273

Facebook Page:


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