My life lately (July 2018)

Hey there! It’s been a while since I made my last blog post. Haha. I have been sitting all day because I am too lazy to get out of our house. Haha. I would love to go out some more (with my friends or with my family), but I am currently under the weather and maybe taking a nap is better than going out. Haha. I have been told to out some more so that I can finally meet my future significant other, but I told them that there are numerous online dating sites out there that I use if ever I would want to meet other people. Haha. Who said signing up for a dating site is not a good idea? Haha. Anyone can always try to do something new (but still take all the necessary precautions before doing so). I have met a lot of people who are now in a successful relationship with one of the people they met on dating sites and/or dating apps. I used to be a non-believer of this kind of romance, but when I see happy couples who started out as mutual acquaintances in a certain dating site or dating app, I am now a believer that love can really find its way into your heart. Haha. (Fun fact: there are also nice suggestions and cool ideas for your date that you can find in some online dating sites. Haha. Yup! I made a little research about it.)

By the way, I am on school vacation and currently looking for a job before the semester begins. I have been utilizing some online job postings to look for a job because it is really pricey to go out everyday for job hunting. Haha. Thank God for the modern-day technology! It can help me get employed in the comfort of my own home. Haha. I have been looking for a job for over a month or so, and it really takes a great time for me to get hired, due to the fact that I opted to look for a job on possible employers that are near our home. Since, I will be going to school anytime soon, I think it is best for me to look for a job that will not make me lose my sanity just because I have to allot 1 or 2 hours to commute to work or to drive to our workplace. I do not have the luxury of time, nor can I waste it because I need to study for school and go to work at the same time. Time is precious, indeed. That’s why I have to research about the area of the possible workplace of my prospective employer(s). Haha. There will be too many things on my plate any time soon. Wish me luck guys!!

I am now on my last year of grad school, and I am about to graduate this school year (claiming it!). I may be on full focus on my school works (and probably with my potential part time job, if in case I can find one). I know this will be hard for me, but I can sense that I will learn so much in this type of set up. Haha. This will be stressful, I know! But I have been stressed all my life, so what’s new to that, right? Haha! Kidding! (…not).

As for my blogging life, I sort of feel like I am slowly transitioning from being a lifestyle blogger to a personal blogger. Haha. I feel like most of my posts are about my life or about how I see the things that are happening in my life. This is probably the reason why I do not really like to put my blogger self into a specific niche, not because I cannot commit, but because I know that my abilities as a blogger cannot be put in a box. But I can make adjustments here and there, if the situation requires me to be a full time blogger solely devoted to a specific niche. Haha. That will be hard, but I can try.

How about you? Have you ever used any type of online dating sites or dating apps? Do you have any advice to use who are thinking of trying it? We would really like to know it from those who are currently in a relationship with someone who they met in a dating site or dating app (or even those who used to be in a relationship with one)! 🙂

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Itchyworms’ song “Di Na Muli” now has an official music video!

One of the things that I love is music, and I find it surprising that I never made any blog post about it. I might as well make one now, right? Haha.

Actually, I love alternative rock music and RnB, and I am more inclined on the music and songs made and produced by the indie local bands here in our country. I don’t have a specific favorite song right now because it’s so damn hard to choose!!

If you’re from the Philippines, you probably know that we call it “Indie OPM”. The band featured in this blog, Itchyworms, should be no stranger to you because they’ve been in the music scene probably since the early 2000s. To remind you as to who they are, some of their songs are Beer, Akin Ka Nalang (my personal favorite!), and Gusto ko Lamang sa Buhay.

Oh, please allow me to make a blog post about a newly released music video of my current LSS! Here it goes…


Di Na Muli by Itchyworms

Di Na Muli was written in 2016 by long-time friends Jazz Nicolas and Wally Acolola. They entered the song into the 5th Philippine Popular (PhilPop) Music Festival, performed by The Itchyworms, where it won the grand prize. Now, in 2018, the song has been given new life in the official soundtrack of the hit film Sid & Aya (Not A Love Story) (Viva Films, starring Dingdong Dantes and Anne Curtis, directed by Irene Villamor).

Somewhere in between PhilPop and Sid & Aya, the Itchyworms set out to immortalize the song. The result was a visually stunning and emotional music video, directed by Paolo Abella. Help also came along in the form of the video’s co-director Juno Oebanda, longtime friend of the band, and the generous indulgence of none other than the Cultural Center of the Philippines. The link to the CCP is Teddy Hilado (d. 2015), recognized as the father of lighting design in Philippine theater, who is also the uncle of Oebanda

The song’s themes of love, loss, and words left unspoken, are embodied in the elegant performances of Rosky Balahadia Hilado (Teddy’s widow, formerly of the Bayanihan Philippine Dance Company) and Carissa Adea (Ballet Philippines), and in the video’s sweeping visuals, all captured within the hallowed halls of the CCP. The music video seeks to serve as loving tribute to Teddy, whose influence is still felt and recognized to this day.

The Itchyworms are now proud to share what is probably the first-ever music video shot inside the Cultural Center of the Philippines, and extend heartfelt thanks to those who helped bring the music video to fruition.

Youtube link for Di Na Muli official music video:

For updates about The Itchyworms, you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Listen to the music of The Itchyworms on Spotify, Deezer and iTunes.

Check out their music videos: Official Youtube channel


Video Credits

Di Na Muli
Words and Music by Jazz Nicolas and Wally Acolola

Rosky Balahadia Hilado
Carissa Adea
and The Itchyworms

Executive Producers: Juno Oebanda and The Itchyworms
Directors: Paolo Abella and Juno Oebanda
Director of Photography: Arvin Viola
Lighting Director: Shakira Villa-Symes
Drone Pilot: Paolo Jaminola
Editor: PJ Corpuz
Colorist: Marilen Magsaysay

Special Thanks to:
Audio Video Solutions Corporation
Soundcheck Inc.
Forerunner Technologies Inc.
JB Music
Forscink Inc.
Digital Fusion Productions
Aero 360 International
Creative Control Group

The administration and staff of the Cultural Center of the Philippines

Di Na Muli (Lyrics)

Words and Music by Jazz Nicolas and Wally Acolola
Performed by The Itchyworms

Nung araw kay tamis ng ating buhay
Puno ng saya at ng kulay
Di mauulit muli

Ang oras kapag hinayaang lumipas
Madarama mo hanggang bukas
Di mababawi muli

Ang dami daming bagay na hindi naman kailangan
Kung pwede lang bawasan natin ang mga tampuhan
Hindi mo lang alam hindi mo pa nararanasan
Kahapon sana natin di mo na pinahirapan
Patawad muli
Di na muli

Ang oras kapag hinayaang lumipas
Madarama mo hanggang bukas
Di mababawi muli


At natapos ang himas ng sandal
Di kukubli aking tinig
Nang lumipas na’t di man lang nasabi
Salamat hanggang sa muli

Ang dami daming bagay na hindi naman kailangan
Kung pwede lang bawasan natin ang mga tampuhan
Hindi mo lang alam hindi mo pa nararanasan
Kahapon sana natin di mo na pinahirapan
Patawad muli
Di na muli

Binawi buhay mo ng walang sabi
Binubulong ko sa sarili
Mahal kita hanggang sa huli
Mahal ko hanggang sa huli


You can watch the video here:


I don’t know how many times I’ve listened to this song these past few days, but I just can’t stop listening to it! I should probably make more blog post about my current LSS and/or Spotify playlist, right? To reiterate, I still can’t believe that I never made any blog post about this, despite the fact that I’ve been blogging for so many years already. Haha!


How about you? Do you have any song/music genre that you love? Share it to us, please?

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Hello 2018!

Hey there! 2017 just ended and I think I need to make an “obligatory-goodbye-2017-blog-post” blog post. Haha.

Just like everyone else, my 2017 was a roller coaster ride! There were exciting ups and lonesome downs, I met a lot of interesting people and I lost some too, I built bridges more than I burned (figuratively speaking, of course), and I was able to conquer some of my fear (like flying cockroaches or enrolling to a class under a very terror professor). The bottomline is that my version of 2017 is all about courage and perseverance!

To be honest, I am actually looking forward to 2018 because I know my life will change this year. I would want to declare and claim that my version of 2018 will be about growth. But the other side of me thinks that my 2018 will just be a continuation of my 2017, which is purely about courage and perseverance. But then again, who am I to control everything, right? It’s not like I can do that. If there’s one thing that I learned over the years, that is the whole concept of fate. No matter how much I want to control everything, none of it (or maybe some of it) will work out the way I envisioned it. Haha.

As much as I want to post here my 2018 wishlist, I think I will just reserve it on my year-end blog post. Haha. To date, I only have two things in my mind that I’ve been itching to cross-out from my bucket list/wishlist. I know in my heart I will cross those two items out in my list this year. Haha. (*laughs nervously*)

Some of us bid goodbye to 2017 with a sigh of relief because one of the worst years of one’s life has finally ended, or maybe some, if not, most of us bid goodbye to 2017 with smile in their faces and joy in their hearts because 2017 was their best year so far. Wherever your stand and whatever your status is, I wish all of you an awesome 2018! On to more adventures, discoveries, self-fulfillment, learnings, and achievement we go! I hope this year will be your best year too! The best of luck to all of us.

Types of Pregnancy Tests that you may want to try.

If you have been trying to conceive, you are understandably anxious to test for a pregnancy as early as possible. Medical professionals advise that it is best to wait a week after a missed period to test in order to get an accurate pregnancy result.


However, there are certain tests that you can take that could detect pregnancy as soon as days after conception, but even those are not 100% accurate. In fact, most manufacturers recommend that home pregnancy tests are to be taken two times.


Below listed are the types of pregnancy tests that will determine whether you are pregnant or not.


Over The Counter Pregnancy Tests

Over the counter pregnancy tests are the most convenient type of pregnancy test. There are a variety types and they are urine based.  If you are unsure of which brand to buy, talk to the pharmacist to help you make the decision. Some brands may help you find out whether you are pregnant quite soon after conception, but they are more costly.  Only you can make that determination about what test is right for you. Patients can run these tests by themselves. The over the counter pregnancy kit contains with a stick as well as a urine cup.


The way it is done is quite easy.  All you have to do is pee in the cup, and then submerge the stick into the urine for a specific amount of time. The kit’s instruction booklet will clearly state the instructions. However, if the conventional way makes you uncomfortable, you can also make the determination by putting the stick in the streaming urine while you are going to the bathroom.


The stick will determine the presence of the hCG pregnancy hormone (human chorionic gonadotropin hormone), which is the indicator of an early sign of pregnancy.


Homemade Pregnancy Tests

Even though over the counter pregnancy tests are more accurate than these homemade ones, they have been used since ancient times and are still known to be accurate. If anything homemade strikes your fancy, you can try these natural pregnancy tests if you suspect that you are pregnant.


The Dandelion Leave Recipe

This test consists of using dandelion leaves by taking and removing them from the stem of the dandelion. Afterwards, take the leaves and place them on a piece of plastic wrap. After that place it on the ground and be sure they are not directly under sunlight. Then after that is set, urinate on the leaves or urinate in a cup and pour it on them. Be sure they are saturated and leave it for 10 minutes. If red blisters form on the leaves, it is a sign that pregnancy has been achieved.


The Pine Sol Method

You can also use pine sol in order to detect a pregnancy. When you think of pine sol, you are going to understandably think about a cleaning product. However, it can also be used as a homemade pregnancy test.  Go get some Pine Sol, and mix it with some of your urine. Watch for any immediate changes in color because that may be a sign that you are pregnant.



In order to use bleach to test whether you are pregnant or not, take some bleach and put it in a cup, and then urinate in it. It is best to urinate in another cup and pour it onto the bleach instead of peeing in the bleach filled cup because you don’t want to take a risk with splashing any of it on your very sensitive area! Either way mix it up.


If the mixture fizzes or frothy, then there is a chance that you are pregnant.


Again keep in mind that none of these homemade tests are 100% accurate, as they can be used as a guide. If you want to find out if you are pregnant once and for all, then you will really need to go to the clinic.


Clinical Blood Pregnancy Tests

Some women prefer not to bother with taking a home pregnancy urine test, and don’t believe in any kind of homemade pregnancy test, and go right to the clinic to get tested instead. The fact of the matter is that blood tests to detect pregnancy are more accurate and reliable. That is because they are performed by trained professionals, and are blood sample based. This form of pregnancy assessment is built on the determination of the presence of the hCG pregnancy hormone.


In fact, blood based tests held in clinics have many advantages and many women know this. As a matter of fact they can be done within a week of possible conception because some of the hCG levels can be detected by then. They also give very accurate identification of hCG, which in turn gives correct evaluation of a woman’s fertility.


This particular blood pregnancy test is called the Qualitative hCG blood test, which checks to see if there is any hCG being produced. In other words, this test will tell you whether you are pregnant or not.


Once pregnancy is confirmed then you will continue to have more pregnancy tests called the Quantitative hCG blood test. This particular test measures the hCG levels in the blood.

Through this test, there is the ability to determine whether there are any complications or problems in pregnancy by evaluating hCG levels. If levels are increasing too slowly, then there may be an indication that the pregnancy could end in a miscarriage. If levels are increasing too quickly, then this can be an indication of twins, or perhaps complications with the embryo such as Down Syndrome.


You will have to go through additional tests throughout the pregnancy, especially during the first trimester by your OBGYN.


Complete Blood Count (CBC)

In fact this is the initial blood test recommended during the first trimester of pregnancy. A CBC test helps in determining whether or not a pregnant woman has enough hemoglobin. This is one of the main components needed for supporting pregnancy. Not to mention anemia can be tested this way which must be avoided. This test also checks for Rh factors, screen for hepatitis B, antibodies to rubella and chickenpox, and possible birth defects.


Sexually Transmitted Disease Test

This particular blood test is recommended for checking if the woman has HIV, gonorrhea, chlamydia, and syphilis as these STD’s can potentially harm the unborn child.


PAP Smear

This test determines if there is presence of cancer cells in the cervix or potential risk for developing one.


Blood Pressure

Taking a pregnant woman’s blood pressure is a standard test to make sure the blood pressure remains within normal values during the pregnancy. High blood pressure level can interfere with the growth and development of the fetus.


Urine Tests

There are many urine tests that are done during early pregnancy and they check for a protein and/or sugar presence. The presence of protein can indicate possible signs of preeclampsia, and the presence of too much sugar can indicate gestational diabetes.  There are also going to be blood and bacteria test for checking urinary tract infections.



An early ultrasound, approximately 8-10 weeks into pregnancy, is used for the determination of the age, the rate of growth, heart rate, the position of the baby, and whether a woman is carrying multiples. Another ultrasound is done around 20 weeks to determine the health, growth and even gender of bab, if so desired.


There are additional pregnancy tests in unique circumstances as well. However, if you suspect you are pregnant, there are many ways to find out whether to buy a home test from the pharmacy. You can also make your own or just go to the clinic to get a clear answer.


Once a pregnancy has been confirmed, then you will go for additional tests to monitor the pregnancy. That being said, a test to show whether you are pregnant or not is just the start of many once there is a confirmation.

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